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Tom Hanks Proves Once Again He Is The Sweetest Star In Hollywood!

  • Dec 22 , 2016

In the wake of Nicki Minaj issuing a cryptic tweet that suggested she and Meek Mill are over, it's being reported that she's now hooking up with another rapper: Fetty Wap. My source says the two are starting to fall for each other.  Apparently they are working on music together and it’s brought them close.  That said, there are no labels, they aren’t even prepared to say they’re dating.

Justin Bieber has been indicted for allegedly ordering his bodyguards to beat up a photographer in Argentina. According to my source, Justin was accused of having his staff assault the paparazzo, then steal his cash and camera during a visit in 2013. He was ordered to return to Argentina to testify in the case, but never did. Hence, if he goes back now, he will be arrested. Justin is scheduled to start touring South America early next year and his lawyers are reportedly working on getting the case thrown out. They claim that the judge indicted Justin because he wanted publicity. 
2016 was arguably one of the most drama-filled years ever. Here is a list of the biggest celebrity scandals that went down in the past 12 months, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight:
1. Beyoncé releases Lemonade and causes fans to speculate that Jay Z cheated on her with "Becky with the good hair." 
2. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris break up; she starts dating Tom Hiddleston shortly after.
3. Taylor Swift claims she never gave Kanye West permission to talk about her in his song "Famous." 
4. Kelly Ripa gets blindsided by her Live! co-host Michael Strahan when he announces that he’s leaving the show.
5. Ryan Lochte lies and claims he was robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the Olympics. 
6. Billy Bush parts ways with TODAY after a tape leaks of him laughing at Donald Trump's lewd remarks about women. 
7. Leslie Jones is hacked and trolled with racist and body shaming comments. 
8. Iggy Azalea dumps Nick Young after video surfaces of him talking about cheating on her with another woman. 
9. Amber Heard files for divorce from Johnny Depp and accuses him of domestic abuse. 
10. Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt and seeks full custody of their children. 
11. Ozzy Osbourne reveals he has a sex addiction and has been cheating on Sharon with his hairstylist. 
12. Rob Kardashian gets engaged to Blac Chyna, ex-girlfriend of his sister Kylie Jenner's boyfriend Tyga. 
We finally found out the name of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's younger daughter: Ines. While the 2-month-old made her public debut alongside 2-year-old sister James at Ryan’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on December 15, the couple did not reveal the baby's name during the event. It's unknown why they settled on that name, but good luck to their daughter, who will now spend a lifetime fielding questions about how to pronounce it.  The name apparently means pure and holy.
Kanye West has reportedly canceled the upcoming European leg of his Saint Pablo tour following his recent hospitalization. According to my source, Kanye's reps recently told Live Nation they were canceling all European dates after sources previously suggested that the show would go on despite Kanye's stay at UCLA Medical Center. No dates had been set or tickets sold for the European leg of the tour. On November 21, Kanye likewise canceled the remaining 21 stops on the U.S. leg of the tour. 
In related news, I hear that Kanye is still seeing a therapist, as is his wife Kim.  It was reported at one time that they were seeing a couples counsellor, but apparently they are each seeking help independently for their own reasons and from what we can tell it’s working.  They were spotted out on a date last weekend for the first time since Kim’s Paris attack.
Proving once again that he is a total sweetheart, Tom Hanks responded to fan mail sent from a woman in Toronto.  The woman was out with friends one night and they made a bet to see who could get a celebrity headshot the fastest.  Zena Gopal decided on Tom Hanks because her roommate was a huge fan of his and read that he responds to fan mail.  Well apparently that’s true because Tom sent back a Polaroid selfie with her letter and a personalized note.  In the note he called Toronto a ‘damn fine city” and asked her if she was ready for Christmas.  Tom Hanks, you are the best.  
Alan Thicke's official cause of death was a "ruptured aorta" and a "standard type A aortic dissection."  A type A aortic dissection is a tear beginning in the ascending aorta which progresses throughout the vessel. Symptoms include sudden and severe chest or back pain, as well as vomiting, sweating and light-headedness. Alan was taken to the hospital in an ambulance on December 13 when he started to feel ill and began vomiting while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son Carter in Burbank, California. He died just hours later. Alan was 69.


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