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Ryan Reynold's Says Deadpool Might Have a Boyfriend In The Sequel

  • Jan 4 , 2017

Janet Jackson’s rep announced yesterday that she gave birth to a baby boy.  There's no word on the delivery date, but his name is Eissa . . . which can mean "Jesus" in Arabic, although nobody's saying that was the intent.

This is Janet's first child, and she's 50 years old.  She and her husband Wissam Al Mana got married in 2012.
Well, I say this is Janet's first child, but Dr. Conrad Murray, the dude who killed Michael Jackson, claims that Janet had a kid with her first husband James DeBarge back in the '80s, but it was put up for adoption.
Carrie Fisher will be laid to rest in a private funeral on Thursday, while a more public ceremony will take place later on down the line. The “Star Wars” actress, who passed away following a heart attack at age 60, is being laid to rest in an intimate ceremony attended only by close friends and family. It’s thought Carrie’s mother Debbie Reynolds, who died a day after her daughter, is being laid to rest at the same time as the family wants them buried next to each other at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale CA.
Ben Affleck says he won’t be working on the upcoming “Batman” film if he feels the script isn’t up to scratch. The actor took over the role of ‘Bruce Wayne’ in last year’s critically panned “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. As well as starring in the role of the ‘Caped Crusader’ in the new DC Comics movie, tentatively titled “The Batman”, Ben is also scheduled to direct the film. But he’s now saying he’ll walk away from the project if the screenplay is a bust.
Adele has sparked rumours that she secretly wed her longtime partner Simon Konecki after being spotted wearing a ring in Los Angeles. 
She was seen walking around with a gold band on her ring finger last week, as was Simon while he was out with their 4-year-old son, Angelo.
The couple have been together five years and were first introduced by mutual friend Ed Sheeran. Adele’s reps have declined to comment on the rumours. 
My source tells me Mariah Carey wants to return to the scene of the crime and perform at next year’s ball drop in Times Square.  Apparently, she wants to prove that she can sing.  I’ve also heard that as crazy as the last few days have been, she’s been secretly enjoying all this attention and press. 
Ellen DeGeneres reportedly uninvited gospel singer Kim Burrell from her show tomorrow.  This came after a video of Kim launching into a homophobic rant went viral. 
Kim did a song with Pharrell Williams for the soundtrack of the upcoming movie "Hidden Figures" and they were supposed to perform on the show together.
Ellen Tweeted, "For those asking, Kim Burrell will not be appearing on my show."
Kim is a pastor in Houston, and the viral video was a sermon she did there where she went off on gays, calling them deluded, confused, and perverted, and suggesting they'll die in 2017.
January Jones has revealed that she has no qualms about raising her 5-year-old son Xander as a single parent. "Xander has a lot of bro time with the neighbor dads and my dad, who is super young. It's good to have strong women around a man to teach him to respect women."  She added that, "He doesn't have a male person saying 'don't cry' or 'you throw like a girl.' All those s**tty things that dads accidentally do." As for her romantic life, she says, "After I had Xander, I went on a couple of dates and I was like, 'I'd rather be at home sleeping, watching TV or hanging out with my kid.'"
In the comics, Deadpool is pansexual, which means that basically, he's down for anything.  And Ryan Reynolds says he wouldn't mind playing that up in a sequel by giving Deadpool a boyfriend.
He says, "What love is to Deadpool may not be what love is to Batman or someone else.  I think that could be played up more.  He's an outsider in every way, shape, and form."
But one thing they have to keep in mind is that in the first movie, they gave Deadpool a girlfriend he's very much in love with . . . and spends the whole movie trying to get back to. 
But loving Vanessa doesn't mean he can't have feelings for a guy, too. Ryan says, "Deadpool isn't in love with Vanessa just because she's a woman.  He's in love with Vanessa because he loves her." 
When Chris Pratt first auditioned for the part of a baseball player in "Moneyball", they told him he was too fat.
This was back in 2009, when he'd let himself go a little bit.  In an interview with "Vanity Fair" he said it was partially because he thought the extra weight worked for his "Parks and Recreation" character Andy Dwyer and partially because he just got married to Anna Faris and became lazy about hitting the gym.
He said, "I decided to drop the weight, like in wrestling.  I couldn't afford a trainer, so it was all running and crash-dieting and cutting alcohol."  He eventually got the role.
Chris also talked about dropping out of community college and getting a job selling coupons door-to-door, and how it got him prepared for rejection. He said, "People talk about rejection in Hollywood.  I'm like, 'You're outta your [effin'] mind.  Did you ever have someone sic their dog on you at an audition?'"


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