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Drake and J. Lo are An Item! And They're HOT!

  • Jan 5 , 2017

Mariah Carey's ex-husband Tommy Mottola has blasted the singer's recent career choices and suggested that she needs help. The record executive, who helped launch Mariah's career in 1990 with “Vision of Love," tells Page Six that he can't believe the Grammy winner is currently staring on the E! docu-series Mariah's World. "That does absolutely nothing for her integrity, her credibility, or her massive talent," he declares. "She should take a step back, think carefully and figure out what to do next." He adds, "My only advice is that she should hire more seasoned and respected professionals to surround her and help her with her career." Mariah's manager Stella Bulochnikov has since fired back by aking, “Really? Tommy is a relic. Did he give you that statement from a rotary phone?” 

Mariah Carey has fired her creative director following her New Year's Eve performance.  Mariah recently spoke about the performance and revealed that it left her "mortified."
Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are now involved in Kesha and Dr. Luke's ongoing legal dispute. According to my source, a text message from Kesha to Gaga from April 2016 was added as evidence in Kesha's sexual assault case. A judge has also granted Dr. Luke permission to use a text from Katy Perry as evidence, although it has not been revealed how Katy is related to the case. It's worth noting that the contents of the text message are sealed. 
Jennifer Lopez has been granted a restraining order against alleged stalker Timothy McLanahan. J Lo claims he followed her from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and that he sent her unwanted mail and flowers.  He has to stay 100 yards clear of Lopez and her family. 
While we were all busy observing the holidays, Drake and Jennifer Lopez went and hooked up.  They posted pictures together, and even attended a fake "prom" last week in L.A., where they were crowned king and queen.
Supposedly, Drake set it up after he heard that J-Lo had never attended hers.  That’s a pretty romantic gesture for two people who are just getting acquainted. My source says, "They've gotten very close fast.”
My source continued saying, "He's not only a sexy guy, but it's great for her image to be dating the hottest rapper in the game."  It's also awesome for Drake, because she was his childhood crush.  She's 47 . . . he's 30.
Seems like a couple everyone can be happy for, right?  Well, everyone but Rihanna.  She's been getting busy with Drake on and off for years.  She's also friends with J-Lo.  Or at least she was.  Apparently she now considers Jennifer desperate and a traitor.
I guess they were close, to the point where Rihanna even confided in J.Lo about her rocky relationship with Drake so she is feeling very hurt. 
Khloé Kardashian took time to share her New Year's resolutions for her famous family in 2017.  She wrote that she wants everyone in her family to have a happy and healthy year.  She said that she hopes her sister Kim, who has been dealing with the aftermath of her traumatic Paris robbery and husband Kanye West’s hospitalization, will continue to recover in 2017.  She wrote,  “I think with everything that has happened in Kim's life this year, she has really had to redefine her priorities. Time does heal and I think she's in a much better place now." she added, "So I just want her to focus on her family and her own happiness this year."  Kim returned to social media this week after a three-month hiatus.
Justin Bieber is one of those people real animal lovers hate.  Because he keeps buying pets, then getting rid of them because he can't take care of them.  So far, that we know of, he's done it with a hamster, a monkey and two dogs.
And that second dog is in the news right now, because it needs expensive surgery to correct a serious hip defect.
Justin got a chow puppy six months ago and named it Todd.  Then he gave it to one of his dancers, a guy named C.J. Salvador.  Well, C.J. recently learned that Todd has hip dysplasia that could make him unable to walk by the time he's a year old.
Unless he gets an $8,000 surgery.  So C.J. started a GoFundMe page, and he DID raise the money.  Even Jaden Smith donated.  But Justin didn't.
A lot of people are flipping out on Justin for not helping, but that might not be fair.  C.J. says Justin had no idea because he never told him.  Todd is his responsibility now, so he didn't want to go running back to Justin.
Still, none of this would happen if Justin would just stop buying pets he can't take care of.
Kylie Jenner has been named the 2nd-richest Kardashian family member. The 19-year-old’s personal finances have flourished since launching her own makeup company Kylie Cosmetics, where she sells her famous lip kits among other beauty products. While Kylie is making waves in the cosmetics world she also dabbles in real estate, buying and selling luxury properties. It’s now estimated that Kylie earns an impressive $18 million per year, but that’s a far cry from her half-sister Kim Kardashian West. It’s estimated Kim is raking in a whopping $51 million annually.


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