Kenny B

Hop in! No seat-belts are necessary inside The Afternoon Hot Seat as Kenny B gets you home with music, prizes, celebs, and the 5 o'clock Traffic Jam!
Things you probably wanted or never wanted to know about Kenny B: 


Born in Toronto but not a LEAFS FAN !! Go Sens Go !!
Introduced the Legend James brown on Stage at Lu Lu's in Kitchener
First Club Concert was Maestro Fresh Wes
First Stadium concert was Depeche Mode
I love all Seafood
I use to race go karts
Favorite Artist is Jamiroquai
I love to DJ
I'm not ticklish
Is Handy... built my deck and fence
I love the smell of skunk
Rihanna Kissed me
I rapped the part in Faded on Stage with Soul Decision
hates dusting
Loves anything to do with nature
Hates the cold Canadian winters
Has 3 tattoos
Wants to visit Japan, Australia and Bora Bora
Very much a night owl going to bed at 3am at least
Did I mention Rihanna Kissed me
Has a cat named Switch
Would rather talk than text
Still uses a Blackberry til my contract is up
Favorite saying Respect others with the same respect you want back
Loves sleeping
Bacon and coffee are awesome
Am kinda a smart ass (Editor's note - well at least the first step is admitting it!)
Told Jon Bon Jovi I had a man crush on him
Can't play any musical instruments
Would rather watch the movie than read the book
Almost drowned in Cuba
Champagne lifestyle on a beer budget
Hates when your Facebook friends and dont say hi in public
Vern Troyer (mini me) shaved my head for a fundraiser 

Phone : 613.750.8990
Plus, connect with me on social media, or via email!

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