The New HOT 89.9 Trending Track


 "Stereo" by Courage My Love is the New HOT 89.9 Trending Track for December and January!

Check out the track here!

We are all built for change and evolution, and Kitchener's Courage My Love is no exception. 

These Warped Tour warriors have advanced their sound from feverish guitar-bass-drum pugilism to something more complex, dynamic and striking for their debut InVogue/Warner Music Canada album, Synesthesia. Fans will notice within the very first few bars of "Stereo," Courage My Love's incredibly contagious first single, a sumptuous synth hook indicating that twin sisters Mercedes (singer, guitarist) and Phoenix (drums, synth, programming, vocals) Arn-Horn and bass player Brandon Lockwood are pursuing more sophisticated sonics.






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